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One Week Intensive in Integral Naturopathic Medicine

Live with and learn from Charley Cropley ND

This one week program is an advanced preceptor program. Students not only sit in with patients, but also get to live my lifestyle—eat as I eat, work out, do cold water treatments, learn a way of preparing food, listen in on conference calls, and experience the business side of being an ND.

Due to the very intimate and powerful nature of my work, your experience in this course doesn’t stop after a patient visit. My practice of medicine is the devotional practice of Living. My clinic is my home, and my physical modalities are those art forms which I express myself physically, mentally and spiritually everyday. To understand how I practice the art of medicine is to understand how I live.

For this reason, I offer you the opportunity to live with me for the duration of you stay in Boulder and participate in the experience of living as I do. We eat together, pray together, move and rest in harmony. We work with patients, teach classes—run this business together. My preceptors are involved with all conference calls, meetings and events I am involved with.


  • Cleanliness and tidiness is crucial with two of us living so closely for a week. We clean as we cook and put things away as they are finished. This allows for a more energetically open living arrangement, as clutter clouds the mind.
  • The mission of your preceptorship is to learn by serving what and whom I serve. I live in service to my patients. You will do whatever you can so that your presence here empowers the work we are doing. My life includes the needs to shop, prepare food, do dishes, wash the car, tend the garden. We each give ourselves fully to doing whatever we can to serve this purpose. Together, we discover how to do this a day and a moment at a time by our ongoing dialogue.
  • We will learn from one another, enhancing understanding of ourselves through working, eating, playing, and thinking together. This is a mutually beneficial mentorship. A willingness to step into the relationship is understood.
  • I expect that you will be timely and respectful of the schedule I keep. I usually get up at sunrise and go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00pm. On occasion, we may stay out later, but for the most part these are the hours I keep. You are free to come and go as you please as long my rest is taken into consideration.

Before scheduling a preceptorship please read through my website, paying special attention to videos and blog posts.

Once you have a clear idea of what I am about, and know this to be an opportunity which will empower your journey to become the expression of medicine you hold for yourself, contact Holly at assistant@charleycropley.com for a consultation.

To apply: download this application and emailing your entry to assistant@charleycropley.com.

Previous and Current Mentees:

“Living and working with Dr. Cropley for a week was a true joy. The time we spent together gave me a thorough understanding of his practice and lifestyle which are beautifully interwoven. He really walks the talk. I learned what it looks like to engage in the arts of living each and every day via many conversations about philosophy, eating and shopping together, seeing patients, participating in business meetings, and having fun! I would recommend this program to any ND student who wants to get back to the roots of naturopathic medicine with a fantastic teacher, mentor and friend that is Dr. Cropley.”   -Melissa

“Charley Cropley is a living embodiment of naturopathic medicine. If you are interested in expressing the absolute power of your Self and transmitting within the context of a patient/doctor relationship, there is no greater example. I first met Charley five years ago, and he has never ceased to amaze me, support me, and guide me with the most tender and loving hands in awakening to the absolute majesty of vis medicatrix naturae.

The realization that my Love for my Self is the very process through which, or by which I gain access to the miracle of healing, the miracle of Life, and ultimate freedom to Be who I Am, is not for the faint of heart. This is brutal, ferocious, terrifying, and painfully honest work. As I gain access to an awareness of my entire Self, I no longer have the “luxury” of denying shadow elements of myself; I gaze Lovingly into the most ugly aspects of my dysfunction, my illness, my humanness. I learn to Love all of these perspectives, and understand they do NOT define me, for I Am the Fierce Determinant; the Awareness which Knows that I Know that I Know.” – Node Smith – Association for Naturopathic ReVitalization

More on the philosophy of Integral Naturopathic Medicine:

Healing is a Self-directed act of devotional service; the highest level of wisdom and compassion which presents itself in nature. This is Radical!

Self-Love is the driving force which brings all people to search for Healing. They may not consciously realize it, but one’s love and caring for themselves is exactly what brings a patient to a doctor. The innate urge to care for one’s self is the foundational aspect of my practice, and if you’re reading this, you are likely interested in how to transmit this realization as a clinical tool to help you facilitate healing within your own, or future patients.

Watch these videos to learn more:

Apply by downloading this application and emailing your entry to assistant@charleycropley.com.