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The Unique Benefits I Offer

Education: How I Work with You

Education is the only thing I do.  I teach you how to take care of yourself and how to stop injuring yourself.  My primary instruction is Self-nourishment using real food, not supplements, although I appreciate their usefulness. I also teach exercise, rest, right thinking and relationship skills.  I adapt a course of instruction for each individual according to her unique needs.

Our Initial Visit

Your initial visit is dedicated to understanding you and helping you understand my approach. I’ll inquire about your present Health concerns and the types of care you are presently receiving.  I also study your medical history to discover what brought you to your present state of Health.  I ask you to keep a journal of everything you eat.

I inquire into your knowledge and skill in the ways you exercise, rest, think and relate/communicate with others. I inquire about your beliefs as to what has caused your sickness and what you believe is necessary to get well.  I study your motivation and desire to heal.

I look for the obstacles you must overcome to improve your habitual ways of eating and thinking.   By this “examination” I gain an understanding of what type of instruction will most help you.  This generally takes us one visit, sometimes two.  I make an effort to begin you with some type of instruction at your first visit.

Continuing Care

After our initial visit, my typical client will see me every other week, usually for 30 to 60 minutes.  The cost averages $90 to $180 per visit, with discounts available for purchasing multiple visits in advance.  At each visit, you are given a specific lesson to study along with a practical assignment to do for the next two weeks.  For example, you may be given a handout and DVD, teaching you how foods eaten in combination with one another effect your digestion and health.  You would be given a practical assignment to eat and avoid certain combinations of food and asked to keep an eating journal and return in two weeks.

In addition to instruction through articles, books and audio-visual materials, I also offer group instruction through conference calls, live classes and support groups. This combination of office visits, personal and group instruction and support is remarkably effective.  As you improve the ways you eat, think, and live, your Health and weight problems unfailingly improve.

I work with all forms of chronic disease and illness.  Regardless of the name given to your illness I treat you as a totally unique person and I design a individualized  program of care especially for you.

Your program includes education in the following areas.

  1. How to nourish your body and how to fast.
  2. How to build strength, flexibility, and endurance and how to relax and sleep.
  3. How to think in a way that feels great and motivates you to take powerful actions to restore your Health.
  4. How to communicate with all people in ways that build closeness, trust and real caring—listen deeply and compassionately and speak your own experience authentically and kindly—so that others understand you and you too feel understood.

My Unique Methods

I follow a method which I apply to every person.  These are principles which guide my decisions.

I will evaluate how well you care for yourself in the four fundamental ways mentioned above: Nutrition, Exercise and Rest, Mind & Emotions, and Relationships. These four activities form the foundation of all Health and Healing. While there may be many other factors contributing to your illness, nothing will benefit you as profoundly nor as rapidly.

I teach you to view your body’s problems not as a foreign and malevolent “illness or disease,” but rather as intelligent and purposeful expressions of your body. You learn to relate to your body more as a person or an animal, rather than as something unintelligent and without feelings like a computer or a car.

From this foundational understanding, I guide you to construct what you believe to be the real causes of your illness. Hormonal imbalances, a weak immune system or blown out adrenals are not the true cause of your problems. The root we are searching for is found in the ways you live your life and care for your body. The root causes of your dis-ease lie even deeper in your lack of understanding of the laws of Nature/reality, your lack of caring and compassion for yourself and lack of ability to direct your own actions.

Said another way, your illness will teach you to become much kinder towards yourself, in absolutely practical ways, like how your feed your body.  You will become much more honest with yourself.  Your own kindness and honesty will change your life and heal your body.

Education and Strategy

I help you develop a plan for getting well that makes sense to YOU; that you really have faith in.  Your plan will describe the changes you will make in each of the four disciplines.  This connects your illness to the ways you actually live.  You will view your ordinary activities of living as having far greater meaning and importance.

You will learn a brilliant model of how your body actually works;  How the ways you eat, think and live influence your entire physiology particularly your digestive tract, liver and hormonal balance.  You will understand the actual changes that take place as your body degenerates.

You will learn how to properly care for yourself when you are ill.  This includes learning how to properly feed yourself, rest and use processes such as bowel cleansing, sweating procedures, along with some powerful herbs and supplements.

Most importantly, you will learn self-control—how to meet the challenge of changing deeply seated habits of behavior. The greatest focus of our work is learning how to face and change these thoughtless, compulsive ways of eating, thinking and relating.   This is done through counseling and assignments such as reading, journaling and meditation.

You will develop caring relationships that will support you and hold you accountable for doing the good actions you aspire to do.

Conditions I Work With

I truly do not treat “illnesses” per se.  What I am trying to “cure” or “heal”  is not a so called “disease” but the self-injurious behaviors which cause most “diseases”.   Specifically, the ways people eat, move, think and relate.  Healing absolutely requires that one develop the power to govern their own actions wisely; to stop doing what harms them and to cultivate behaviors that nourish, rest and strengthen.

The more ill a person is, the more unique are their nutritional requirements as well as their needs for exercise and rest.  Even more subtle and important are the unique ways each person thinks and relates with others.  Each individual needs skillful instruction to find their own power and wisdom to make significant changes in their behavior.

I design a highly individualized protocol specifically adapted to the uniqueness of each client, and provide an education based on your needs.


I work with the following Health problems:

Persons Who Are Healthy and Want to Grow More Alive and Vital

You do not have to be sick to get better!  Health is like playing music.  You can improve endlessly and it only keeps getting better.  I welcome those of you with the desire to be as Healthy and Happy as you can be.  I can teach you to significantly improve your eating, exercise, thinking and relating.  In so doing, you will find increasing pleasure in your body, mind and relationships.  Being strong and radiantly alive is the surest prevention and insurance against illness of all types.

 Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Diabetes types 1 & 2, arthritis, coronary heart disease, elevated cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cancer.

My methods nourish and strengthen the body as a whole entity. They are not directed at one particular organ or “disease”. My clients experience marked improvements in how they look and feel, and many are soon able to reduce their medications and avoid invasive medical procedures through this holistic approach.

Digestive Disorders

Such as ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s and gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcerative colitis, gall bladder and liver problems, diverticulitis, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Most digestive disorders are enormously improved by improving what you eat.

Weight Loss and Obesity

Because of my emphasis on nutrition, I have worked intimately with thousands of people who are overweight.  I have taught courses in weight loss from three weeks to one year long.  I have a deep understanding of the unique psychological and self-esteem challenges faced by people who are overweight.

Pregnancy, Infants, and Children Under Three

I delivered my own two children at home and raised them without the use of any medications or immunizations. In my practice, I have helped hundreds of women to have healthful pregnancies and births. My “Healthy Baby” program begins 9 months before pregnancy and extends through nine months of pregnancy and the first nine months of your infant’s life.

Hormonal Imbalances in Women

What you eat powerfully alters your hormonal balance. My individualized nutritional protocols markedly improve nutritional balance for most women.

“Incurable” and Difficult to Diagnose Health Problems

Instead of focusing on treating conditions that baffle medical diagnosis, I focus on what I know with certainty can be improved: basic food intake and digestion, elimination, circulation, and mental/emotional stress reduction. By improving these essential physiological functions, virtually everyone will feel better and most patients can reduce their medications.

I work with a wide array of illnesses, and provide practical, high-quality individualized education in how to nourish and take care of your sick body. I do not dispense “cures” because I do not believe in them.

You can improve the problems of your body by improving the ways you care for your body if you are willing to put forth an honest effort. You will be pleased with your body’s response and I will welcome the opportunity to share this education with you.