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Charley Cropley's Blog

Self-Control II

Self-control is the overarching practice I teach.  It is the core focus of my instruction.  It is quite simple for me to know what a person needs to eat, what exercise they need etc.  The art is empowering them to actually be able to do it.  This is the work I love.  I get to know my clients intimately and to join them in learning to know and accept themselves, …Read More

What is Your Illness Telling You?

Your symptoms are your body’s way of calling for your attention. Conventional medicine trivializes your Health problems. You are told your illness and suffering has little to do with you and the ways you live. I would tell you the opposite. Your illness is not trivial but rather an expression of the same wisdom that designs your heart and coordinates brain chemistry and hormonal balance. Your symptoms, when understood and obeyed are Nature’s instructions …Read More

Prison of Pleasure

Our American culture is prison of sorts, which we are born into.  Within this cultural prison, we are deprived of natural foods and have an addiction to non-food substances, which poison us and make us sick, physically and mentally.  Our society likewise deprives us physically, mentally, emotionally and socially of other of life’s essentials. Mentally, the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and spiritual traditions has been replaced by sensational, profit driven …Read More

Natural Laws and The Patient

I saw five patients today each with a different medical diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma of the vocal cords, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and ADHD.  How can I best help them? From the perspective of conventional medicine, these are five different disorders with completely different causes, and are to be treated with five completely different protocols: one with radiation, surgery and chemo, another with Ritalin and …Read More

Self-Healing Meditation

Friends, I’m happy to share this brief guided visualization with you. If you want more education around Radical Self-Healing, please join me for the Radical Self-Healing Retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center.