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Thoughts on Self-Control

Self-control is pure blessing.  It is the power of intelligence and love expressed in human behavior.  By the power of Self-control we are able to perform any action that is truly beneficial to us.  We can literally bring ourselves any and every good thing we desire. The average person is dominated by his self-centered likes and dislikes: food, drink, sex, fame, money, and “power”.  He is controlled almost entirely by …Read More

Self Control 2

Self-control is the overarching practice I teach.  It is the core focus of my instruction.  It is quite simple for me to determine what a person needs to eat and avoid, or the emotions and thoughts they need to “eat and avoid”.  My art is empowering them to actually be able to do what will Heal them.  This is the work I love.  I get to know my clients intimately …Read More