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Naturopathic Medicine

How cold water can heal your harmful habits 💦

I frequently prescribe water cure therapies to heal my patients who are unable to control their eating, or get themselves to exercise or generally are in want of the power to govern their actions wisely.  One such therapy is to end your morning shower with a brisk cold rinse and then vigorously towel dry every body part, intentionally using the towel to invigorate and Heal that body part. I find there …Read More

“Alternative” Healthcare: Health Education

What is the alternative to your learning and practicing the activities of nutritious eating, regular rest and exercise, Self-reflection and caring relating? Each is absolutely essential to your Health. There is no alternative to them and they are not something that anyone else can do for you. No pill nor therapy can ever remove the ill effects of junk food, lack of exercise, lack of rest and recreation, ignorance, worry …Read More

Healthy Actions Heal Your Body

My entire healing work is teaching my clients how to heal their Health problems by performing their ordinary daily actions with kindness and intelligence. By “ordinary actions,” I mean the four activities that all human beings can and must perform for themselves alone: eating, moving, thinking and relating. With these healthy actions, you can transform your wellbeing. These four life sustaining actions are the most powerful, reliable and rapid of any forms …Read More

What is Your Illness Telling You?

Your symptoms are your body’s way of calling for your attention. Conventional medicine trivializes your Health problems. You are told your illness and suffering has little to do with you and the ways you live. I would tell you the opposite. Your illness is not trivial but rather an expression of the same wisdom that designs your heart and coordinates brain chemistry and hormonal balance. Your symptoms, when understood and obeyed are Nature’s instructions …Read More

Prison of Pleasure

Our American culture is prison of sorts, which we are born into.  Within this cultural prison, we are deprived of natural foods and have an addiction to non-food substances, which poison us and make us sick, physically and mentally.  Our society likewise deprives us physically, mentally, emotionally and socially of other of life’s essentials. Mentally, the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and spiritual traditions has been replaced by sensational, profit driven …Read More