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Healthy Thinking

Gratitude- your suffering stops here

I wrote this article on gratitude 11 years ago at the age of 58. Reading it today at 70, this first paragraph is no longer true for me. I’m leaving it in anyway. At 58, I am not one inch closer to satisfying my desires or avoiding my fears than at age 6. They have only changed form. It’s a losers’ game. Fear of pain and poverty and insatiable desire …Read More

Self-Control II

Self-control is the overarching practice I teach.  It is the core focus of my instruction.  It is quite simple for me to know what a person needs to eat, what exercise they need etc.  The art is empowering them to actually be able to do it.  This is the work I love.  I get to know my clients intimately and to join them in learning to know and accept themselves, …Read More

Feel Your Goodwill

Feel yourself as a center of goodwill and the power to enact that goodness. Feel yourself as the strong, burning desire to make good things happen.  You know you wish for a better life; to be a better person; to be able to do the good and beneficial things you wish you could do.   Right now, feel that this is true.  Acknowledge that you really, genuinely do desire good …Read More

Kindness: The Protector of the Persecuted

Criticizing yourself because you are sick or overweight or because you are not taking better care of yourself is self-persecution.   Once again for the millionth time, I find myself judging myself.  This time because I caught myself using my mind to create anxiety.  For many years I have interpreted anxiety as a misuse of my mind.  I am aware that anxiety breeds more anxiety and that I can choose …Read More

Undamn Your Illness

Undamn your illness or your body. Open an alternative to your compulsive, unexamined certainty that you know what your body or your illness actually is and therefore how to respond to it. Undamn your body. Undamn your illness. Your body is ceaselessly bringing sensations to your awareness; hunger, cold, warmth and heat, urges to move, to scratch…Is your typical response unconscious and habitual?  You eat, put on a sweater or adjust your posture. …Read More