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Healthy Exercise & Deep Rest

Strengthening Exercise & Deep Rest

Rest and exercise are living miracles. Their benefit is absolutely certain and incomparable. No medicine or therapy can substitute for them. I think of Exercise as intentionally using your movements to express your caring. Even if you cannot run or swim you can use your breath, posture, walking, showering and getting dressed as powerful means of Healing your body. Through regular exercise you can bring greater strength, flexibility and endurance to your …Read More

Getting Yourself To Exercise

Conscious Movement A Practical Exercise:  Use your journal to engage in the following questions. What amount and types of exercise do you presently do? What movements do you perform on a regular basis with the specific intention of promoting beauty, vitality, strength, flexibility, grace, endurance, etc.? How might you further enrich your life (by your own standards of enrichment) through healing movement? What results might you be able to accomplish? …Read More