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Healthy Exercise & Deep Rest

The Power In Your Body

  This core philosophy of Self-Healing work remains mostly the same regardless of your diagnosis; whether your illness were migraines, arthritis, or infertility, your core healing work would be essentially the same. In order to heal your condition, you need to exercise your power in eating, exercise, thinking, and communicating. Your power to heal physiological processes is identical to the power you have to control your daily actions. The wisdom with which you govern …Read More

How Does Your Body Talk to You?

Sarah sits before me with tears in her eyes. “I feel like something is wrong with me. I’m degenerating, and I don’t know what to do.” At 50 she is experiencing an array of physical problems, including bad digestion, osteoporosis, 30 pounds of extra weight and 40 percent less energy. “Sarah, what it is like for you to live in your body?” “It’s miserable. I really hate it. I’m taking …Read More

A Morning Workout filled with Grace, Poise & Strength

You may find this man’s movements somewhat unusual, yet clearly coordinated, grounded, strong and balanced.  Obviously he has practiced these movements many thousands of times.  If you aspire to develop greater strength and coordination, do so.  Begin now to hold your body and perform whatever movements you do with whatever degree of grace and poise you can. You yourself are practicing movements right now and every moment of every day. …Read More

Morning Play; Move Like an Animal

In this video you see this man, Ido Portal, moving with great skill.  His balance, poise, coordination, strength and flexibility are remarkable.  You can learn to apply these principles to your every action; to the ways you stand, walk, bend, get in and out of a chair.  In so doing, your movements become therapies that enhance rather than damage your joints, muscles and entire body.  Being present in your body intentionally …Read More