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Healthy Eating

The Roots of Illness Are In Your Behavior

Modern medicine teaches you that the majority of your Health problems are due to unknown causes, to microbes, or genetics.  Their most prevalent explanation is that disease is its own cause. Your conventional Doctor might say to you, “Your joints are swollen and painful because you have arthritis; and we know you have arthritis because your joints are swollen and painful.”  None of these explanations empower you to make real …Read More

Licorice and Anxiety: Sin Boldly

You know how we all have a weak spot in our diet; that thing we cannot seem to control when the impulse arises.  Years ago mine was black licorice.  On weekends I’d often buy a box of my favorite and eat the whole thing in one sitting. Merely thinking seriously about overeating licorice would trigger a kind of pre-indulgence tension and anxiety.   You know that feeling when you get the …Read More

The Power In Your Body

  This core philosophy of Self-Healing work remains mostly the same regardless of your diagnosis; whether your illness were migraines, arthritis, or infertility, your core healing work would be essentially the same. In order to heal your condition, you need to exercise your power in eating, exercise, thinking, and communicating. Your power to heal physiological processes is identical to the power you have to control your daily actions. The wisdom with which you govern …Read More

FASTING: A most powerful self-healing practice

Fasting may be the most powerful self-healing practice you can learn.   Would you like to know one of the absolute top practices that has kept me young and Healthy? It is fasting. The same goes for my son, daughter, former wife and granddaughter. None of us have ever had an antibiotic or immunizations nor any type of significant illness. We take no meds and probably never will. The wisdom …Read More


How Starbucks saved my life by Stewart Sallo Is there anything worse than being away from home and in dire need of medical attention? There I was in Hartford, Conn., of all places, and I was feeling worse by the minute. My head was pounding. I could barely walk, and I was beginning to feel feverish and a little nauseous. And I was in a strange city without a clue …Read More