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Radically Improve Your Health by Mastering the Way You Think, Eat and Move

Radically Improve Your Health by Mastering the Way You Think, Eat and Move

Do you sense that there is something more you could be doing for yourself to improve your Health? Something more than costly diagnostic procedures and medicines? Do you feel like your doctor knows your disease but doesn’t really know you?

You’re not getting advice on what you can do for yourself; how diet, exercise, and stress are contributing to your illness.

I specialize in education as medicine.

I offer you precisely what other doctors do not; personalized education, inspiration, and support. I’ll teach you how to dramatically improve your Health through eating, exercise, thinking and relating.

I work with the same Health conditions as all primary care doctors; children’s ear infections, teenage acne, healthy pregnancies, obesity and cancer.

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Discover your Self-Healing Potential 

Charley Cropley says Create Your Own Health

My clients come to me with MS, cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, and illnesses that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment. As a doctor, I am trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. As a teacher, I understand how  illness is caused and can be Healed by the ways you think, eat and live.

I do not merely inform you that you need to improve your diet or get more exercise; I teach, inspire and support you to do this.  Teaching is what I do.

You can experience greater energy and vitality, weight loss, strength, sound sleep.  You can become remarkably healthier and happier. By your actions you strengthen your innate Self-Healing power which heals the very condition that previously required medications. It’s a life-changing experience.

Get turned on to your own power; know that you have control over illness, rather than relying on doctors and prescriptions. See clearly the rewards of living mindfully. Create your own health, accomplish goals rather than just being given a medicine. Feel deeply understood and cared about by your doctor. Be strongly supported by my guidance and teaching.

Build a close relationship with a doctor who treats you, not your disease. In our work together, I will be a mentor and teach you how to heal yourself by teaching you to live as I live. I translate your medical problems into meaningful, understandable projects to work on. Your strengths and weakness are brought compassionately out into the light.

I am definitely not for everybody. You must be able to take advantage of what I offer. I can teach you, but you will be the one to make changes in your life. I will teach you self-mastery—how to master your own behavior. The only way to do this is through Kindness.

The work that we’ll do together complements any other doctor’s work. If you want to do more for yourself, if you want to do what only you can do for yourself, you have come to the right place.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

― Thomas A. Edison


Charley Cropley, Naturopath and Teacher

My greatest love and skill is teaching you self-mastery—how to master your own behavior. The changes that you make can heal your disease. Self-mastery sounds like you might have to grit your teeth, but you don’t. Self-mastery is about kindness, understanding, and compassion.

This is the way I live. I have learned how to do this through my own experience. As a physician, I understand the biochemical causes of disease, and as a teacher, I will guide you to transform your behaviors and your health.

Over my adult life, I have studied, practiced and developed my own unique ways of eating, exercise, self-reflection and relating. I have faced the challenges and reaped the benefits and so understand them intimately. I do not impose my ways, but rather encourage my students to explore various approaches to movement, self-reflection, and eating. You will receive valuable instruction on how to practice as I practice. The essential work is wrestling with your own limits.

I welcome the opportunity to teach you to heal yourself. I look forward to sharing with you what means so much to me. Please book a consultation to get started.

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Tap into your Self-Healing Potential 

Is this for you?

I am eager to work with good students. If you want to actively participate in your own healthcare— if you are eager to study and practice powerful Self-Healing skills and learn how to Heal your own body by your own actions. I will ask a great deal of you. I will challenge you on every level.  Health requires the same commitment as building a good marriage or fulfilling career. Health is the most precious of Life’s gifts. You must truly want it and be willing to pay Nature’s price in Nature’s currency — love and caring.

We might not be the right fit if:

  1. You don’t want to have to change your accustomed ways of living.
  2. Self-improvement does not interest you. You don’t want to read, study, learn or practice.
  3. You are looking for a cure, a fix, a prescription, or a pill rather than engage in a educational process requiring study and practice.
  4. Rather than seeking to understand how your own actions might be causing your illness you are want to focus exclusively on discovering a disease process other than your behavior that explains why your suffering.
  5. You have very little self-discipline. You do not already engage in self-caring practices such as nutrition, exercise, meditation etc.


Learn more about Dr. Cropley’s background and mission.

Testimonials from Past Clients

“Charley’s trust in the body’s self-healing power has benefited me greatly. He inspires me. Every time I talk to him my confidence grows. He cares deeply for his patients’ well-being and is eager to share his personal experience to serve them. It is a true privilege to have his guidance. I hope his life affirming influence keeps reaching more and more people.”

“Charley has delivered information that I can act on, and although it’s unconventional, it produces results. One thing I really appreciate is that there’s no sales pitch for supplements, equipment or other sketchy things. Charley is responsive to email and calls – same day service.”

“Charley is an incredibly professional, kind, and wise practitioner. He’s a community educator, a personal teacher to many, and he’s been an indispensable part of my own health and wellbeing.”